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With 5,000+ producers already trained in artificial insemination (from the United States and 8 other countries, from 10 years old to 82, from varied backgrounds – flight attendants to veterinarians, surgeons to firemen, nurses to teachers, and, of course, numerous cattlemen), the staff at 7 Triangle 7 Cattle Co., LLC is dedicated to striving to provide a curriculum and practice that “turns out” superior skill levels for graduating technicians.
The facilities at 7 Triangle 7 are an indoor/all weather heated area for training. Their rugged construction is of importance to offer a secure, safe, comfortable environment unlike many of the past teaching experiences conducted with haltering and tying unobliging cows to a fence in a blizzard.

The curriculum will always allow plenty of flex for questions from the basic to “what’s new”. It involves many aspects of becoming a better stockman/manager in order to successfully manage a genetics program whether it be through A.I. or natural service. It is much more than a “how to” program, but includes substantial “hands-on” practice.

Welcome to attend last day of any regularly scheduled training clinic. See dates. $150 fee includes lunch, 7 Triangle 7 manual, and cow and tract work at the training barn.
9:00 A.M. start time first day
Book now for March and April Classes!

2015 - 2016 Dates:

November 3-5, 2015 (Casper College)
November 9-10, 2015
December 18-21, 2015, (Northeastern Jr. College)
February 8-10, 2016
March 14-16, 2016
April 18-20, 2016

Send $150 Deposit to enroll.

Refreshers are
available, Call US!!

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31065 CR 41 • Akron, CO 80720 • 970-345-COWS (2697) • Email: 7triangle7@centurytel.net

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